Rudolf Guitars

Last Christmas holiday, my father and I sat down to get a site up to showcase his masterfully crafted classical guitars.

After a few failed attempts we settled on a simpler website design in opposition to the complex craftsmanship and ornate designs of the guitars - it worked really well.

Here's a small excerpt from the site:

Africa has a rich and storied musical history. Dating back to hunter gatherer period of history, stringed instruments were used by the Khoi and the San people. During the period of people from Europe settling in Africa, many black tribes were found using stringed instruments. It can safely be accepted that the modern guitar found its way into Southern Africa in the second half of the 19th century Guitar sound fell easily on the ears of the people living in Africa.

Early in the 20th century it was firmly established as a musical instrument in all walks of life in South Africa. In the 1920's Marabi was a musical style born in the townships of Johannesburg, and the guitar was one of the instruments used to fashion this style of music. From this moment onward guitars of all types were firmly entrenched as the instrument of note in all styles of music that followed. Jazz, rock, kwela, classical music.

The rosettes are inspired by Africa's rich cultural heritage. The gables on the machineheads are inspired by Cape Dutch architecture from South Africa.

Constant new development and exploration is done to enhance and capture the fullest classical guitar sound quality.

As a guitar nerd for 11 years now, these are (without contest) the greatest classical guitars that I have ever played on. The deep and clear timbre, the slick fingerboard, the intricate nuances and care delivered into every guitar's hand-crafted production - all of these elements present a sonic experience to all the senses.

Visit here.