We lived according to the words
Mouthed them methodically in straw beds
A sentinel spell
To ward off privy Nature

Furtive and forlorn, we declared our devotion
And silently curs’t the prayer we forced
Over the lulled and lying flickers of a peat fire
Wine and mildew, mulled and growing

Outside, staring into the expanse of throbbing stars
I knelt, but fell into stupor
And silently watched the paraffin lamp’s halo dance
As we held hands, trembling

The sage was burnt and we struck the chime
But soon the clamour ceased and the arias died
And deaf heaven again ignored our bootless cries
As we murmured a final swan song

O Ostara, hasten the dew-drip of dawn
Flood the night sky with molten gold
Char the shapes that cause us harm
And grant us eyes, both fearful and wise