About me

Hello! I'm a full stack developer from the Winelands of the Western Cape of South Africa with a passion for software, music production and writing. An ex-pat from the literary world, I graduated with an Honours degree in Philosophy from the University of Stellenbosch. In 2011, I traded writing words for writing code and have been doing it professionally ever since.

I've had the opportunity contribute to prestigious projects with highly-skilled teams, both locally and internationally.

Favourite technologies:

CSS3 Groovy
HTML5 Grails
JavaScript Java
jQuery NoSQL
AngularJS Maven
Meteor Linux/Unix
React.js Android
Express Node.js
Notable history:

figment.tv (2016)
AngularJS, Grooscript

monical (2016)
Onsen UI, AngularJS, Grooscript

Span Digital/OneOps (2016)
Jekyll, Github Pages, Maven, Markdown, AsciiDoc

Span Digital/MM (2015)
jQuery, CSS3, Handlebars, HTML5, Crossroads

Ennea International (2015)
Grails, MongoDb, ElasticSearch, Jade, Apache Camel

Span Digital/Beats Music/Telstra (2014)
Java, Apache CXF, JAXB, JAXRS, Spring MVC, Maven, Integration/Unit Testing (JUnit, NodeJS)

Retail - Application (2013)
Grails, MongoDB, SMS

Hello Network (2013)
Grails, MongoDb, USSD, SMS

kuza.com (2012)
Grails, REST, Nokia Maps Integration, Mobi (WAP)

mimiboard.com (2011)
Grails, Mobi (smartphone/ajax), Mobi (WAP)